Julie Hall

You may have missed the New Product Reveal at this month’s 2nd Friday, so I am posting a photo of a few of the new pieces that are available. This is the newest product the Pure Joy Makers are creating. They are called “R217” The name is a reference to the verse in Revelation that declares God will give us a white rock with a name engraved on it that only we will know.

Identity is such an enormous issue for Christ followers.

It makes me think of how family members sometimes give one another nicknames. Mine was JuJu. My younger sister called me that. When she did it in front of my friends I was mortified!!! Today, I can recognize the tenderness of that nickname and the connection it created between us. Now when I think that my Heavenly Father has a special name for me (especially after all the “not-so-special” names I have been called as an adult who hasn’t always been the church lady) I am overwhelmed by His outpouring of love and the establishment of connection this new name creates. Maybe an R217 piece would help you remember how much He loves you? Come by The Link to see the full inventory. Pick out the one that tugs at you. Own a fashionable, trendy piece with a purpose!! They are $20 each.

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