Production Promise

Julie Hall


We should count it Joy, according to James, when we suffer trials.  Ok, if we can get our heads there – we can find the promises that come after.  The first of which is endurance.  James 1:3 says “because the testing of your faith produces perseverance.”


At one period in my life, I worked at a baby clothes factory.  I liked that job.  The fabric would come into our inventory then be pulled to a specific order for a specific garment.  The employee would then roll out the fabric, iron on a pattern and use a special saw to cut out the pieces to be sewn together.  Time and money went into that process.  But, there was no guarantee that a garment would be produced.  Even with all the “checks and balances” that happened before the blade was ever turned on, occasionally the fabric would be cut and then found to be defective and all those little pieces would be useless.  No cute little onesie, with lambs and duckies on it, would be produced.


The word "produces" in the verse in James isn’t a maybe kind of word.  It is a combination of two words, the first of which means “bring down exactly”.  James is telling us in this verse that trials will bring us exactly to perseverance.  To endurance.  Steadfastness.  Stick-to-it-ness!!


The women in the Pure Joy Program are learning this skill.  To endure.  To be steadfast.  They are often taking the very same iron will that kept them alive during some frightening, gut-wrenching, or destructive episodes and submitting it to a God they barely know.  He is meeting their “natural” with His “Super” – and they are growing and changing and becoming all He has for them to be.  They didn’t know He would use their suffering and trials to make it so.  But, there is the promise.


Something WILL be produced.

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